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Justin Miller, guitar and mandolin: Home

Dear Friends:

My BRAND NEW album "ANGELINA" has just been released! 
"Angelina" includes 14 Latin instrumental pieces featuring my work on pianos, organ, synths, guitars and mandolins.

It is NOW available on iTunes and Amazon and at CD Baby for the round, silvery CD.

Please note that "Angelina" is not listed under "Justin Miller" but under my nickname "JUD MILLER" simply because it is unlike the live shows I have given over the last 25 years and I do not want to mislead anyone. Happily, most folks who have heard "Angelina" believe it to be the best work I have ever done, live or on record!



Justin's shows feature virtuoso guitar performances in a wide variety of styles including bossa nova, Celtic and classical. In a typical concert, Justin's first selection might be a Brazilian samba followed by a suite of Irish jigs, a Bach minuet, or Justin's unique simulation of bluegrass banjo played on one of his striking, unique nylon string guitars.

When performing on mandolin, Justin's concert repertoire includes Scottish and Irish fiddle tunes, Baroque classics and Italian opera themes, mixed with musical quotations from Beethoven, Grieg or Gershwin.

Justin's electric guitar set might feature a blazing take on Les Paul's "Guitar Boogie", a dramatic version of the Faure´"Pavane" or a laid-back suite of surf-rock hits.

And then there are the wonderful behind-the-music stories about songwriters and performers. One reviewer termed Justin "one of the great storytellers. . . an American treasure."