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Justin Miller, guitar and mandolin: Online reviews


(from the CD "Rio Tigre")



"I happened upon this completely by chance and I could not be more impressed. Justin Miller displays a sublime ability to blend musical genres, making these selections well executed, melodic, and just a pleasure to listen to over and over."


"...A delightful collection of instrumental pieces ranging in style from Latin to Bluegrass to Celtic, all masterfully performed on a variety of stringed instruments. One of the real standouts is "Samba Rosalinda" which combines virtuoso mandolin playing followed by an incredible acoustic guitar solo. All of the compositions are of similar quality and demonstrate that Justin is the master of all things stringed."

spike cat:

"The combination of style, intelligence, romance, and pure fun make this album a keeper."


"Unbelievable string work in multiple genres. Good for the head, good for the spirit."


"I have had the very good fortune to see Justin perform live. ...You will find yourself coming back to Justin and his music again and again. Latin, to be sure, but blues, jazz and the classics find themselves in good hands with this wonderful artist."

(May 25, 2009)

Mint: Another treat, no really an honor, was to listen to Justin Miller playing classical guitar and mandolin. He played rock, classical, Irish, bluegrass -- such a variety and with his own spin and twist. His Pachelbel Canon was incredible. What a talented man! I think everyone was mesmerized. Plus, in between his music, he threw out some great, seldom heard, true stories about other musicians.

Carpe Diem: Guitarist and storyteller Dr. Justin Miller is worth the price of the cruise! He entertained us on four different occasions...not often enough!

lazey1: Without doubt our favorite is Justin Miller. No other performer is even close.

Mimi Mullin: Absolutely awesome … Justin Miller, easily the top-rated musician I have heard in many years. His show was fantastic.

Dennis Knight: I was so glad that we were lucky enough to pick this cruise.  You were the highlight for me and I couldn't believe my good fortune getting a chance to see you. 

Moriah: Absolutely fantastic! Justin Miller plays the most amazing classical guitar, backed up by a fabulous band. Even the lighting and staging was top notch. A fantastic show. Definitely among the best I’ve seen at sea – if not the very best. The show lasted exactly 1 hour, and Justin did not play an encore although he did receive a standing ovation.

omisamoyed: There was one entertainer who was the best I've seen on any cruise yet. Dr. Justin Miller is a guitarist and a musical historian and gave several extra performances/lectures which were of university caliber, and boy can he play! He got standing ovations every show.

Becky Charlton: There are many fabulous things about cruises, but I have to tell you that discovering you and your music was definitely at the top of the list for me! The 1st night of your show, I went to the early show and then went to the later one too. I also went the 2 other times you performed that week. You're the best!

Sandy and Dick: Our entertainment last night was provided by guitarist Dr. Justin Miller. The performance included the HALCats and the Adagio Strings (four talented ladies)...magnificent! He played everything from Bach to rock on his guitars and mandolin!

Ohiolair: Now, Justin Miller IS amazing!  He is not only an accomplished musician, he is witty, funny and very knowledgeable.  We really enjoyed his hour long show.

Erin Cavit: What a show! It was fantastic. He played everything from Bach and Beethoven to Chet Atkins. RuthC: He knows more about the songs and the composers than anyone has a right to. I could sit and listen to him for weeks.

ess2s2: A guitar virtuoso who single-handedly changed the way I looked at music. His mixture of fantastic guitar playing and his enthralling stories behind the birth of popular music is not to be missed.

JustJim: In a word, unbelievable. The things that this guy could do with his guitar and mandolin enthralled us. With an enthusiasm and an infectious joi de vivre, he grabbed us and didn’t let go for 45 minutes. Bluegrass, Bach, country, contemporary, you name it and he played it with style.

Diane R.: Justin Miller, was exceptional ... a real treat. [He] stood out from the rest. He is a must see.

Bob H.: Dr. Justin Miller was fabulous!

Eugene Cliff: We didn't know what we were missing until hearing Justin Miller.

Paul S Busick: This CD will have you standing in line for the next release.

Patricia Gregory: Awesome. I can't wait for the next CD. I love the mixture of history & music. I really love Justin's combination of fine, diverse music and hisotrical context. It makes his CDs unique. Keep them coming! He has a great speaking voice too. It sends out cool vibes.

Suzanne Buggel: You'll beg for more! I was never a guitar fan...until now. Fantastic music, interesting information, a great escape. I can hardly wait for his next CD and a book of stories.

Helen Skrivanek: I bought both CDs, and love them both. These CDs are so good. Love the stories. My great grandaughter is just beginning guitar and am anxious for her to be able to listen to them too. They should be such an inspiration. Will watch for a new one to come out.

mknapp: The CD is really good. Justin Miller does a service for all musicians - the guitar music is really well done, and the history lessons are great.

Bobbie Janacaro: The CD was wonderful I don't think I will ever tire of it! It is not only easy to listen to but informative too. My son is really into guitar, so we steal it from each other.

Please accept a very big "Thank you!" to all those whose comments are excerpted from online reviews at and other sites -- Justin (Feb 3, 2012)